About me


I am Noémi van Duijvenbode

From my own experience, I know how it feels to be in the middle of complicated or stressful situations. To have to reinvent yourself while adapting to a new culture. To stay true to yourself while constantly wanting to prove yourself. I came to the Netherlands when I was 25 , I spoke the language a little, I didn’t know the culture,  and I was used to keep my opinions to myself.

It was quite hard work to integrate in the Netherlands, partly because my own expectations were very high and because I strived for the maximum result in everything! And that went extremely well for me if I look at my life at this stage, but I also paid a high price for it by going beyond my limits a number of times. Through all the experiences and training I have had, I have learned to deal with setbacks, with fear, with stress and burn-out, with my own high expectations. I have learned to act from personal power, to live from self-confidence and to make choices that were born from a desire and drive. And I want to share that knowledge now.


After 20 years of experience in business services across various organizations, I’ve dedicated myself to pursuing training and education focused on career development, burnout prevention, and coaching. Drawing from my background in project control, process optimization, and consultancy, complemented by my entrepreneurial spirit, I offer a unique blend of skills. Moreover, I’m deeply motivated to leverage my expertise in something that truly resonates with me: guiding individuals and organizations in preventing unnecessary workplace absenteeism.

This transition has not only fulfilled me professionally but also personally. Guiding others in discovering their talents, achieving balance, and fostering a work environment where they can thrive, brings me great satisfaction. With my background, passion, and commitment, I am now focusing on supporting individuals and organizations in their pursuit of healthy, productive, and fulfilling work experiences.

Free orientation call

During a free orientation call of about 20 minutes we can explore how the coaching possibilities at Anders Verder can fit your needs. This can be the first step towards your new journey!