Stress & Burn-out coaching

Struggling with Stress & Burn-out?

Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed, waking up exhausted, and struggling to navigate through each day? Is concentration difficult, and do you find yourself easily agitated? Despite increasing fatigue, is your sleep quality deteriorating?

Our modern lifestyle places significant demands on us, leading to stress, overload, and burnout that affect an increasing number of individuals in society. Juggling packed schedules, workplace pressure, diverse roles, and self-imposed expectations can take a toll on our well-being. While the human body and mind are resilient, chronic overwork without adequate recovery disrupts the delicate balance within.

Scientific research has highlighted that persistent overload, coupled with insufficient recovery, results in dysregulation within the body. This imbalance is often triggered by a combination of work and personal circumstances. Timely intervention can restore the balance through proper recovery and rest. However, persisting in this cycle can lead to physical, psychological, and emotional exhaustion, manifesting in various symptoms (from headaches, migraine, neck/back and shoulder pain, hyperventilation, memory problems, irritability, panic etc.) Breaking the vicious circle of overload and dysregulation is crucial for genuine recovery, and the longer it persists, the more extended the recovery process becomes.

Perhaps you find yourself saying, “I just need to hang on until my vacation” or “I can’t afford to take a step back now”. Sound familiar? The key question is: What can you do differently to prioritize self-care and break free from this cycle? I am here to guide you on this journey!

Reclaim Your Well-being

 Every individual’s path to recovery is unique, which is why I begin with a thorough conversation to understand your specific situation. Through comprehensive questioning and active listening, we explore your symptoms, their onset, your daily routine, and the contributing factors. Additionally, a CSR Stress Examination, using a Stress Questionnaire, provides valuable insights. This holistic approach helps uncover the extent to which stress, overwork, or burnout is affecting you, forming the foundation for your personalized program.

Once we stop overburdening and replenish your reserves, we delve into the root causes of your stress. You’ll learn to identify pitfalls and develop strategies to maintain the balance between demands and your capacity. How can you safeguard your boundaries? What changes can you make in your life to prioritize self-care? And crucially, how do you enhance your ability to handle stress during challenging periods beyond your control?

Achieve Sustainable Recovery

Let’s be realistic—eliminating stress from your life entirely is neither feasible nor desirable. I won’t promise an stress-free existence, as stress is inherent to achieving daily goals. What you will achieve with my program is the ability to recognize early warning signs, understand the sources of stress, make conscious choices, and recover effectively when faced with overwhelming stressors. True balance doesn’t mean the absence of stress but entails knowing how to navigate it for greater peace, joy, and energy in both your work and life. This is not a quick fix; it’s a long-term investment in yourself!


Stress & Burn-out coaching

Rebalance (3 months)

5 sessions € 649

CSR Stress examination

Understand the roots of your stress

Learn to identify your early warnings

Gain insight in your patterns and learn to deal with stressful situations

Insight in your personal recovery strategy

Recovery + (6 months)

10 sessions € 1.395

CSR Stress examination

Stop overburdening of body and mind

How further with the new

Dealing with Pitfalls and Obstructing believes

Learn to identify your early warnings

Gain insights in your patterns and learn to deal with stressful situations

Learn strategies how to preserve your boundaries

Insight in your personal recovery strategy

Integration insights and new behaviour in your everyday life

Compensation by employer
Most employers have (annual) budget for personal development, training or prevention of absence.

A coaching process can therefore certainly be reimbursed by an employer, because it results in a win-win situation.

Free orientation call

During a free orientation call of about 20 minutes we can explore how the coaching possibilities at Anders Verder can fit your needs. This can be the first step towards your new journey!